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MAXX-HD multi-channel servers

360 Systems offers a High Definition video server for every broadcast and Pro AV application. Our Maxx-2400 HD provides 4 video channels, 12 TBs of storage, and the best price in the industry. And our Maxx-1200 HD provides 3 channels, 4 TBs of storage, and slow-motion.

Multi-channel image servers

360 Systems’ standard-definition Image Servers have become a first-choice in broadcast and Pro AV. From our small Image Server 2000, to the four-channel MAXX-2400, Image Servers are on-air around the world. Click here for the whole story.

Instant Replay

360 Systems’ Digicart® and Instant Replay® are the world standard for playback of music, effects and smart comments in radio and TV. Click for the full story.