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360 Systems MAXX-2400 HD
Broadcast Server

Four Video Channels  •  250 Hours of Storage  •  Smart Economics

MAXX-2400 HD Delivers More
360 Systems' new High Definition MAXX 2400 sets a new standard for performance among HD broadcast servers. Now, get four video outputs, two inputs, twelve Terabytes of storage, and a broad set of server tools in an attractively priced package.
  Large-Scale Performance for Mid Markets.
More than 3,000 360 Systems video servers deliver content across America and the world.
  Four High Definition Channels
MAXX 2400 plays up to four high-definition video streams at once. Or it can record two streams, while playing two others. It's also a graphics store, with linked key-and-fill capability. Standard features include HD-SDI video I/O with frame synchronization, for recording wild sources like tape and satellite feeds. Audio formats include embedded audio, and your choice of AES/EBU digital or balanced +4 analog.
  Better Images with JPEG 2000
When image quality has to be high and cost manageable, JPEG 2000 is a first choice. New wavelet-based coding has made it a leading format for new cameras and production, while its I-frame structure makes editing easy. It's also the sole standard for digital cinema. 360 Systems offers JPEG-2000 at bandwidths all the way to 125 Mb, to suit every level of image quality.
  Next-Gen Workflows
MAXX 2400 HD handles today's file-based work-flows, communicating over Gigabit Ethernet. It's HD-SDI inputs and outputs, plus analog and digital audio formats, make it a smooth fit with production and broadcast. Compatible with leading automation systems, MAXX 2400 is ideally suited as a play-to-air server, as a cache for satellite ingest, graphics storage and remote trucks.
Many Servers Look Alike. Here's What MAXX-2400 HD Delivers
    • 2 HD-SDI Inputs
• 4 HD-SDI Outputs
• 4 CVBS Monitor Outputs
• 32 channels Embedded Audio
• 32 channels AES/EBU Audio*
• 32 Channels +4 Analog Audio*
• 4 Serial Control Inputs
• VDCP, BVW, Odetics protocols
• 12 GPI Inputs (programmable)
• 12 GPI Outputs (programmable)
• 12 Terabytes/250 hour storage
• RAID-6 server-grade SATA drives
• File Transfer via Gigabit Ethernet
• 4-Channel Graphic User Interface
• Remote Workstation Software
• Advanced Playlisting Software
• File Trimming/Segmenting
• Key-and-Fill Playback
• Slow-Motion Playback
• Redundant Power and Cooling
• Program logging
• Fault Monitoring
*optional component
The MAXX-2400 HD Feature Set
  Tools for Broadcast and Pro AV
The MAXX 2400-HD includes a big package of production, playout and maintenance features as standard equipment. An easy-to-use graphic user interface gives access to each channel for manual control with VTR-style buttons. Included are head and tail marking, trimming and segmenting.
  Advanced Playlisting Included
360 Systems' Advanced Playlisting software builds rundowns of any length, with full drag-and-drop editing, pause, skip and hold control. For many applications, MAXX's playlisting may be all that's needed to get to air. Playlists can run simultaneously on each of the four server outputs, and can be created or edited from workstations anywhere in the building.

Crystal Clear Audio for High Definition

For surround sound, eight audio channels are available with each video stream. Embedded audio is standard, while optional multi-channel I/O modules provide your choice of analog or digital outputs. Choose DXP-1 for eight channels of AES/EBU digital audio, or AXP-3 and AXP-4 for four (or eight) channels of +4 dBu balanced analog audio. A full set of XLR connectors makes interfacing with existing equipment easy.

360 Systems' long experience in professional audio provides outstanding quality, with 24-bit words, gold XLR connectors, and sample-rate conversion for wild AES sources. Of course, compressed files like Dolby-E® or AC-3 pass through transparently with our exclusive Bit-for-Bit technology®.



• 16 Inputs, 32 Outputs
• Embedded Audio
• AES/EBU Digital Audio
• Analog Audio, +4 Balanced
• Redundant Audio Power


An Exceptional Value for Every Broadcast & Pro A/V Market
Slow Motion  •  High Reliability  •  Smart Economics
  Smooth Integration with Leading Broadcast Equipment
360 Systems' servers are on air with every major automation system. Choose from market leaders like Crispin, Harris, Nverzion and Sundance. Overseas, it's Ibis, Pebble Beach ProBel, Ninsight, Hardata, Aveco, and more. So pick your system with confidence; MAXX-2400HD will work exactly as you expect.

The MAXX-2400HD also plays video or graphics in perfect sync, and is plug-and-play compatible with commands from Ross and Echolab video switchers.

Precise slow-motion-forward and reverse-is just one of MAXX-2400HD's strong points-perfect for analyzing and replaying sports events. Now it's possible to capture a segment, trim it, and review it at any speed. Most desktop slow-mo controllers work with MAXX-2400HD.

Instant Replay of shots for sports, entertainment, and news is also available now, at low cost. MAXX-2400HD works seamlessly with all popular controllers, and even accepts GPI commands from switchers and push-button panels.

A Modern Design for Fault Tolerance
Each part of a MAXX server has been designed for reliability. The 12-Terabyte storage array incorporates our Double Fault TolerantT RAID-6 technology, which spreads content across all drives for the highest level of security. The loss of even two drives would have little effect on the server's performance. We use only server-grade drives, providing 250 hours of program storage, with near-lossless image quality. Drives are hot-swappable, and easily replaced from the front.

The power supplies are also redundant, and easily replaced with the server in use. Quiet, forced-air cooling uses conservatively rated fans, and a sophisticated alarm system reports any event that may need attention.

MAXX-2400 HD Applications
• Program storage / Play-to-air
• Satellite cache
• Slow-Motion playout
• Instant Replay of sporting events
• File exchange with NLEs
• Key-and-Fill playout
• Multi- screen projection displays
• Corporate & Educational Displays
• Theme parks and attractions
• Remote workstations for Ingest, Trim, Playlisting

PDF Download
download MAXX-2400HD Brochure
download MAXX-2400HD Operations Manual
Two record channels
Four HD-SDI outputs with SD monitoring
Double fault-tolerant RAID-6 protection of stored content
250 hours of storage @ 80 Mb/sec
Redundant power and cooling
Includes trimming, segmenting, and playlisting tools, plus As-Run logs
Remote workstation software
Slow-motion forward and reverse
File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet
All audio formats: Embedded audio, +4 analog, and AES/EBU digital
8 audio channels per video stream
Full-featured Graphic User Interface
Hot-swap drives with easy access
Industry leader in price and performance


Video Input 2 Channels
Video Outputs 4 Channels
Simultaneous video streams 4
HD Input/Output HD-SDI, SMPTE 292M, 75Ω BNC
Video Format 1080i at 29.97 or 25 Hz; 720P at 59.94 or 50 fps
Encoding Format JPEG-2000, to 125 Mb/Sec
Jog/Shuttle Zero to 255X, forward/reverse
Slow Motion Play with audio Zero to 2X, forward/reverse
Frame Accuracy Frame accurate play, pause and stop
Monitor Outputs Composite video down-scaled from HD in NTSC (525) or PAL (625).
Genlock Input 60 Hz: Blackburst SMPTE 170 M; 50 Hz: ITU-R BT.470; 75W BNC


VBI Data Closed Caption EIA 608B (SD), EIA 708B (HD), VITC
Video Indexing SMPTE RP186
LTC Input Two, 75Ω BNC

AUDIO INPUTS / OUTPUTS (per video channel)

SDI Embedded Audio 8 channels – SMPTE 299M
Analog Audio Input, +4 dBu, balanced, XLR-3 connectors Standard: 4 Channels. Optional: 8 Channels with AXP-4 I/O panel
Digital Audio Input, AES/EBU, XLR-3 connectors 8 Channels with DXP-1 I/O panel.
Bit-for-Bit® data handling Transparent to Dolby®-E, AC-3
Audio coding 48KHz, 24-bit, linear PCM
Frequency response 10 Hz to 20 kHz ± .1 dB
Dynamic Range (analog) 112 dB
Distortion (analog) <.002% THD @ full scale -1 dB


Disk Storage System Serial ATA array, 12 1-Terabyte drives, Hardware RAID 6 controller
Total Capacity 12 Terabytes
Drive Replacement Hot Swappable, removable from behind front panel


Networking Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Transport JPEG-2000 files, Remote GUI control, machine diagnostic files
Serial Control 4, VDCP or Odetics protocols, 9-pin on CXP-1 module (included).
GPI Control 12 Inputs, Outputs, Programmable


Fault Monitoring LEDs Front Panel LEDs, power, genlock, fans, system, RAID
Fault Monitoring Output GPI output, open collector
Software Updates CD-ROM
Power Supply Dual Redundant, 100-250V - 50/60 Hz. 450W, rear panel plug-in
Cooling Redundant slow-speed fans, replaceable without tools
Chassis 3-RU x 19” Rack, side slide rails. Weight: approx 100 lb. (45 kg)


Model AXP-3 Analog Audio 4 inputs/outputs per video channel, +4 balanced on XLR. Self powered, redundant supplies. Add AXP-4 for 8 analog channels. 2-RU each
Model DXP-1 AES/EBU Audio 8 inputs/outputs per video channel, AES/EBU on XLR. Self powered, redundant supplies. 2 RU
CXP-1 Serial and GPI control module. 1 RU

MAXX-2400 HD High Definition Video Server
2 video inputs, 4 outputs, 250 hours program storage at 80 Mb/sec. JPEG-2000 record/play at 720p and 1080i, slow-motion capable, embedded audio. Includes CXP-1 Serial Control & GPI module, keyboard, mouse, power cords, operations manual, software CD. 100-250 volts, 50/60 Hz. 3½” x 19” x 18½” [88 mm x 483 mm x 470 mm]. See server options below.
Request Model MAXX-2400HD

Spare MAXX-2400HD Drive, 1-TB
360 Systems qualified server-grade 1-TB drive for use in MAXX-2400HD video server. Highly recommended spare part.
Request Model 1-TB DRIVE-2400

Four Channel Analog Audio Module
Model AXP-3 provides four +4 dBu balanced analog outputs on XLR-3 connectors for each of four video outputs and two video inputs. Add Model AXP-4 for 4 additional audio channels per video stream. Interconnect cable supplied. Redundant power supplies, 100-250 volts, 50/60 Hz. 3½” x 19” x 5¼” [88 mm x 483 mm x 131 mm]. For use with MAXX-2400HD server.
Request Model AXP-3

Four Channel Analog Audio Expander Module
Model AXP-4 is designed for tandem use with AXP-3 (above) to provide audio channels 5 through 8 in an 8 channel analog audio system. Provides four +4 dBu balanced analog outputs on XLR-3 connectors for each of four video outputs and two video inputs. Interconnect cable supplied. Redundant power supplies, 100-250 volts, 50/60 Hz. 3½” x 19” x 5¼” [88 mm x 483 mm x 131 mm]. For use with MAXX-2400HD server.
Request Model AXP-4

Multi-Channel Digital Audio Module
Provides 8 AES/EBU digital outputs on XLR-3 connectors for each of 4 video outputs (32 total) and 2 video inputs (16 total). Interconnect cable supplied. Redundant power supplies, 100-250 volts, 50/60 Hz. 3½” x 19” x 5¼” [88 mm x 483 mm x 131 mm]. For use with MAXX-2400HD server. Request Model DXP-1

Spare Cooling Fan for MAXX-2400HD
Replacement drive compartment cooling fan for MAXX-2400HD video server. Recommended spare for servers in remote locations.
Request Model FAN1-2400

Spare Power Supply for MAXX-2400HD

Replacement plug-in power supply module for redundant MAXX-2400HD supply. Recommended spare part.
Request Model PWR1-2400

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